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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 5 - Tubeway Torpedo

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Go to the circled location and climb up.

To get better rank, use anaesthethic on this enemy.

Sneak and hide behind the boxes. See the enemy patrolling pattern. Then go to the hitman logo location as shown in the map.

Take all items you can. Then head back to the boxes. You need to enter the truck silently.

You may need to use knock out the same guard to pass him and enter the truck.

When you reached the place, quietly get out. Sneak behind and follow the guard at the left.

Hide behind this box and let the guard go out before you enter the building.

Use the stairs to go up silently.

Enter the room at the left side.

Take the clothes and...

Go back to ground floor. Find elevator.

Select 1st Basement.

Go to the second elevator but you have to turn around using the long path. Along the way, you should go to the Server Room and officer room.

In the server room, shoot the controls to disable the surveillance system. Then, keep going.

Enter that circled room and change your clothes.

Go to the 2nd Basement.

Head to the pointed room.

Break the glass and shoot him. *You can also use the pager you obtained before. Put it near the door (not here).

Save the agent and he'll start following you.

Go back to the 1st Basement.

Go to the Sewer Station.

Bring out the bomb and blow the wall.

Now just run to the evac location. -end-