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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 3 - St. Petersburg Stakeout

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Firstly, go to the locker area.

Find locker number 137. Open it and take the sniper. Dont let anyone see you holding the gun.

Avoid anyone see you while heading outside through the main stairs.

You need a disguise. Take the clothes of nearby patrolling policeman or any (below is also good option for anaesthetic too). *How you do to this policeman will affect your rank.

Go to the marked building. Follow the path along the arrow.

Try to enter the building quietly and stealthly.

Go to the third floor and check map to avoid anyone.

Now, you should prepare to shoot. Listen to Diana while obtaining the correct target to shoot.

Based on the conversation, the nearest person to the left window is correct person. Well, just shoot. If wrong then re-load.

Then, head out from this building.

Avoid any contact with policeman. Keep going back to the train station.

To make your life easier (without weapon of couse, unless you want to collect the weapon so bring it but civilian will notice), drop the sniper/gun you're holding and enter the train. -end-