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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 10 - Shogun Showdown

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When the mission starts, enter the secret door on the wooden wall. Yup. There's a door right in front of Agent 47.

Kill this guy for his clothes.

When you're in disguise, head to the right door where the lasers can be seen.

Move slowly. When you see the guard's head, shoot it with a silenced weapon.

"Another guard will come and disable the lasers. So it's your chance to pass through it. Sometimes his body block your way so just run a little to push his body away. *Dont stay too long near the guard, in case it will trigger his brain. :D

Keep going to the 5th floor.

If you run and holding a gun, it'll scare the geisha. So, maintain your disguise by walking like a boss.

5th floor: Equip a silenced gun, aim at the roof of the next room. Then shoot it. This will cause the target to run away. You should stay here but dont show yourself. Another method is kill all inside in the next room and also your target. You decide. :)

If you run too early, the target will run to a different location. Wait until you see the target.. Then...

Find a good spot to kill him.

Now run. It's time to do the next task.

Go to the museum. Just ignore the lasers if no guards around.

Take it and leave this castle using the path you used. -end-