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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Walkthrough 11 - Basement Killing

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Firstly, go to the location where the logo hitman is located.

Go to locker 137 and take a smoke bomb.

Go to nearby toilet.

Select the smoke bomb and drop it anywhere in the toilet.

Standby at the fireman department. When nobody inside, quickly enter the room.

Change your clothes and quickly head to the fire escape stairs.

To go to the fire escape, just run through the lasers.

Go down one level.

To disable the security system, shoot the monitor.

Enter the target's room and kill him. Watch out for snacks scattered on the floor. Do not step on it.

How to pass through here? You can just run (of couse they will notice) or...

Take out your silenced gun and shoot at the door.

If luck at your side, one guard will run to another location while the other one watch the security system.

Slowly open the door and walk to the elevator quietly. -end-