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Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough Mission 12 - Amendment XXV

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First, you have to steal the briefcase from that woman. Just follow her.

Here it is the briefcase. Just take it like yours.

When all tourist went inside, put your briefcase near the guards. One of them will take it inside, usually few seconds they will start moving. But sometimes, the game got bug where the guards does not want your briefcase. To fix that, put the briefcase near the guards, save your game and load again. This can fix the bug.

One of them will take the briefcase but the other is lazy. So, run towards to another guard that still standing. Run as close as possible. Try running behind him. He will feel annoyed and start moving.

Take out your weapon and make a human shield. Bring him behind the bus and take his clothes.

Go here to steal the main building keycard and security camera videotape near the opened window.

Go outside and straight upstairs. You have to climb that ladder to access to the next building.

Stop! Wait here until both carpenter go somewhere else. They will notice you and called other guards if you accidently show yourself.

The 2nd floor of main building.

Go to the place shown by the red arrow. It should be a carpenter suit. Wear it, drop your gun to safe place and go downstairs

Enter the room to the left but stop at this point. Let the guard search you. Luckily, you already dropped your weapon.

Wait for your target.

Kill him, take his Desert Eagle and keycard. Then, store your victim in the container but be careful because another carpenter keep patroling these rooms.

Get outside and follow that guy and knock him out.

This is not an appropriate place to knock him out. The good one is at the bushes directly in front of 47 (in the picture) but it takes some time to bring this guy over there. You can do it if you want.

Open the door and enter the building. Then, open your map and move on to your last target.

Booom! Quick, stand up and chase him.

Lost? Just go to upstairs. Open your map and check for stairs.

Just follow the path and you will found him.

Headshot !! :D

Now it's time to escape. For safety measures, wear back guard suit and head back to the enterance.

Leaving without your own suit? No way... Take back and escape! Mission completed.