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Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough Mission 7 - You Better Watch Out...

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Take a lift to the pier.

Talk to the bartender. He will give you some good stuff here. Take it.

Pour aphrodisiac into that drink. If there is no drink here, wait for it.

Now go in front of the lift and check your surrounding. If no one see you, quickly jump over there.

Now, wait for the santa. Make him surprised.

Santa gives his clothes to 47 as a christmas present. :)

Sedate or poison the sausage and take it.

Go here. Watch out for that woman, she's an evil agent. Ignore her and continue your mission. If you follow her into her room, she will give you 'something'.

Check your map, see that your target is heading downstairs to smoke. This is your chance to eliminate him.

*accidently push* Oh nooooooo..... ! Sorry. :D

Next, go to the monitoring room located at 2nd floor.

For safety measure, take out both guards.

Don't forget to steal the videotapes. Then, go upstairs.

You will find this room easily. Just take that videotape when those guards not looking at you.

Go to the target's room. When you see that dog, throw the sausage you poisoned before. Without any noise, the dog slowly died.

Lastly, kill your last target. Hurray. No more killing. :D

All targets eliminated, checked. Suit, checked. Escape, checked! Mission completed.