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Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough Mission 5 - A New Life

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The first thing you have to do is wait until both men walk away from you because you need to do some naughty stuff.

Sedate the donuts in the box and grab that box.

Bring the donuts to the FBI van. Open the door and drop the donuts on the floor.

Eventhough the donuts dropped, they still want to eat it anyway. Who's gonna leave a sedated donuts without giving a bite? :D

Tasty donuts make both of agents passed out. Take one of the lucky FBI agents suit. Before getting out from the van, steal the videotape.

Now, find a way to the kitchen. It is pretty easy though. At the kitchen, there is a small pathway, go through that door over there.

Go downstairs and ...

Take the lighter fluid and go to the barbeque near pool.

Pour the lighter fluid here.

Wait for human barbeque.

She's looking at the death god. :D

Don't forget to take the necklace which not destroyed by the fire. Then, move on to the next target.

Enter his room like a boss and do whatever you like to kill him.

All targets eliminated and now it is time to escape. Before completing the mission, take your suit back. Mission completed.