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Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough Mission 4 - Flatline

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Once the mission start, run towards the wall. You actually can climb it. So, just climb it or you can take a long way at the left path.

Walk quietly and take the admission paper on the chair. Do not make any noise because the man over there shouldn't notice you or else you need to give him a quick nap.

Enter the main building and place the admission paper on the table. The nurse will do her job.

Go upstairs and find an opened room.

This is the room. Enter it and you will find a doctor suit over there. Take that suit.

There are 3 optional targets wearing blue, green and pink robe. The first one is this man wearing blue robe. Go near him and he will walk to your office for medical appointment. Wait at your office, if you don't know where is it just follow him.

Good job doctor 47. Your patient is now healed forever.

Hide the body in the small corridor in your office. This will ensure that no one else notice him 'sleeping' on the floor. Then, what now? You should find another target.

The second target. Just do the same thing with the last one.

The last target. Also, use the same method before. Easy right?

Happy three friends sleeping together. :)

Then, go to the guard's room. In this picture, 47 is already in the guard's room.

Once you outside the guard's room, break the utilitiy box.

The old man will step outside. Now it's your turn to get inside.

Grab the keycard rehab and steal the videotape.

Enter the door using the keycard you borrow just now. Keep going through the path.

Now wait. You do not need any attention here. Wait until the man standing over there walk out from the room. Tips, do not rush jump through the window. You'll regret later. Be patience please. :)

This innocent man should not be killed. Just give him a quick nap or the other word sedate him. :D

Go downstairs and talk to the agent but wait before giving him injection.

Make sure that this man enters any room before you give the agent injection because he will cause trouble if he notices you.

All 47 patient should be ok. This time the agent only dead for a while. Don't worry. :) Now it's time for you to get out.

This suit too expensive to be left behind. Now, get outside where you enter this place.

Your escape is not through that gate. But in the room to the left. But to open it you have to deal with that two guards or just wait until someone open it for you (if you fast enough reaching here).

For safety measures, it's not required at all. Just for fun (i think). :P

Wow look at that nice person opened the door for you. 47, you're welcomed here. :D

Revive the agent and escape. Mission completed.