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Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough Mission 3 - Curtains Down

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The third mission in Hitman Blood Money, one of the most time consuming mission. Well, let's start the game.

This is where you take the real pistol that is used in the stage. You will know what to do later with this pistol.

You have to change your clothes to gain access in the lower level of the building. So, after talk to the receptionist wait in the toilet until a worker come. Take his clothes and move on.

You have to enter here, this is where you can access the backstage safely.

Go through this room and keep going.

When you reached here, DO NOT enter the right door unless you change your gender or maybe disguise as a woman (if possible in this game). :P

There is a door at your left side (i mean left here not at the far left because the door is out from the picture). Enter it and go upstairs.

Place the bomb here. Ensure that the worker behind did not notice you what you are doing.

Then, go back downstairs and go to this door, enter it and go upstairs.

Keep going and enter the office. Take the lightroom keycard. After that go back downstairs.

All you have to do now is wait. Always check your map and track every movement of your target. When the show is over, head to the star room to the right nearest 47, not the room at the guard over there.

Show is over. Quickly enter this room and wait in the closet before the actor see you.

The actor will come and practice his acting in this room. Just wait for a while until he go to the toilet.

Now take the prop pistol, put down the real pistol and get out from the room.

Go back here and keep going to lightroom located at third floor.

This is the lightroom where you can see what happening on the stage. Just wait and enjoy the show. The actor will kill your target with the pistol you swapped.

His 'closest friend' will come near his dead friend. Now detonate your bomb. He will joining his friend too. They are meant to die together. :)

Lastly, take back your suit and escape. Mission completed.