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Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough Mission 2 - A Vintage Year

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First, enter the door directly in front of you.

Enter the building to the left.

Break the utility box.

Hide in this closet.

Wait until a guard come to fix the box, then knock him out and grab his clothes.

Follow the path and turn left.

Enter this door.

Then turn right and go outside.

Go here and wait until the guard fell asleep before entering the building.

Open your map and avoid any guards here. If no one else see you, proceed to enter this door and another door to the left.

In this room there is a vip guard suit. Change to that suit and get out from the room from the door you entered.

Go straight and enter the door in front of you.

Once inside, turn left and enter a door to the left.

Just follow the path.

When you reached here, go to the secret door to the left.

Go straight and there is one man guarding here. Wait until the man look at the wine.

If no one here, (remember to check map first before doing this) add some human flavour into the wine. :)

Go to the left.

Behind the barrels, there is a door. Your target will use this door later.

Wait for him. Be patience please. It may take few minutes.

It's him. Follow that man and do you stuff.

Well, worth waiting but please don't leave the dead body here. Hide it in the box behind the barrels.

Go back and use the stairs to get outside. Then, turn right there is a door.

Go straight.

Proceed to the right.

Carefully climb the pipe. Watch out for workers below, they might see what you are doing here.

Enter the window. This window is big enough for a man. It is for you actually. :)

Yeah. All targets eliminated. You can happily escape now.

You can escape by going here. It is outside the main building.

Keep going. I know it's a long path. So, don't give up. :)

Escape by the aircraft. Mission completed.