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Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough Mission 8 - Death On The Mississipi

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First of all, open your map and wait for your target.

Kill that guy but you can't take his clothes.

Hide his body at the left side of the engine room. It's safe there. You can also hide him at the ICA room but one of the guard might see you dragging the body unless you do something to them.

Now go upstairs and enter this middle room.

This is your first target. You don't have to kill him here.

Wait outside for your target to come there.

Sneak behind him and push him. Job done. Easy.

Now go here.

Check your map, if that purser guy in the room, you are lucky. Or you have to knock him out in the toilet.

Wait for it...

Sedate him and bring back to the room he went. Simply safe and sound. :D

Next, go to room 323. There is a suit and vip pass. Take both.

Go upstairs to the vip area.

Go here. Check your map and make sure no one notices you before entering the room to the left.

Sneak behind and knock out that guy.

As always, 47 likes to do this.

Inject poison to that cake and put one of your weapon inside it.

Before going upstairs. Take him out first.

Stop here for inspection. Failed to do so can blow your disguise. Don't worry, weapon inside that cake still there.

See this guy? He will go downstairs to take burgers and bring back here. So, if he come back with all the bodies lying on the floor, you're in trouble. All you have to do is when killing people, make it quick and keep it clean.

Put the cake on the table and retrive back your weapon.

He's dead. Now to kill all the remaining targets. It's up to you how you killed them.

Remeber to take parcel pictures.

To escape, go to engine room and turn off the light.

Avoid people here.

Before opening the door, check map first! Important.

Lastly, escape. Mission completed.