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Hitman: Blood Money Walkthrough Mission 11 - A Dance With The Devil

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Talk to the receptionist.

He will go inside to check for your fake briefcase. Actually, it's his clothes 47 wants.

Go to the guard's post at the parking lot. Try to stteal the videotape when both of them not looking at you.

As you can see there is a suit behind that opened truck. Wear that suit and enter the right lift.

It take for a while (more than 5 minutes) before your target go to the lift. Just hang around but keep track where he's going. Once he inside the lift...

You know what to do with him. :)

Go back to the top floor and enter this room. Check the laptop to gain some information about some evil girl.

Hide and wait for the girl to kill her. She got a weapon, you have to be careful.

Go to the garage and change to another lift. Then, go to the basement.

Keep running and stop at this guy. He will asked you to duel. Just follow him and fight like a man. :P

Tips: Try to hide behind this wall like in this picture. It really help you from getting killed. :D

Take the storage key and get out. Now, find your last target.

Open your map and keep track on her.

Enter her room and meet her.

Whoa whoa... This game prevent me from taking off the mask. How I'm gonna do that? Hmm.. Maybe she wants something... :D

Something like a punch to her face. Maybe this will keep her mouth shut. :P

Once she passed out, inject some poison into her body. Now, she's dead and you should escape.

Take back your suit if you want. Escape with current clothes is the easiest way.