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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough Chapter 11 - One Way Ticket

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Welcome to your last mission.

Keep moving forward.

Take cover and eliminate all enemies.

Now, go through here.

Then, clear this area.

Enter this path again, but not path before. This is new that looks like same.

If you reached here, then turn back, go straight, turn right and left. :D

If there is a green exit sign, then you in the right way. Both right and left lead you to exit.

Now, climb up here.

Clear this area.

Then, lift this door.

Go down here.

Kick this door.

Then, kick another door. XD

Clear this area.

When all cleared, go to the door to the right.

Lift this door and keep going.

There will be few enemies here. Take out all of them.

Then, go to this door with the green sign. Ready your weapon.

Now, let's clear this area. Ok? :P

Enter this area with the green sign above. Then lift the door.

Now you have to be quick. You need to catch the plane before it start moving.

Kill all enemies in your way.

Beware of dogs!

Just go straight to the stairs. The cut scene will starts and you're safely fly out from China. Congratulations. You have beat the game!! :D