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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough Chapter 6 - A Thousand Cuts

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You start the mission in naked. Owh man. XD

Enter the room to the left.

Run here and enter the room to the right. You will find Kane there and Lynch's wife.

After the scene, go back and you will find this door. Lift it.

Go upstairs.

Go here and you have to sneak to the end of the way.

Make your way through here.

Go through the path to the right.

Lift this door.

Take his gun and clear this area.

Go here.

Then, clear this area.

Enter the print shop.

Lift the door.

After the short scene. Continue your mission. Clear this area.

There is a door on your right. Later, go there and proceed.

Be careful. Always find a place to take cover and clear this area.

Just eliminate all enemies out here. Once everyone dead, the mission ends. [END OF CHAPTER 6]