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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough Chapter 2 - The Details

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Mission started. This is how it looks like.

Once you can control the your player, quickly find place to take cover.

Then, try to find nearby enemies and kill them. You should clear the way as long you stay away from taking too much damage.

When the area cleared, the car will move. Follow that car because your job still not done here.

Kill those riders.

Next task is get Glazer out from the car. You should kill nearby enemy before getting him out. Try not to give enemy any chance to shoot you or Glazer.

Grab Glazer out from the car and protect him.

Clear this area before proceed.

Go into the parking lot. Just follow Glazer, he will lead you to the place.

Go to the second floor of the parking lot.

Police will come after you. Take cover and clear the area.

Tip: Use fire extinguisher to quickly kill the enemies.

After this area cleared, move to the room right here.

Lift the door and proceed to the next area.

Just clear the area.

Then, clear this room.

Move forward. If you enter the room to the left, it will lead you to the area before.

Kill them all.

Clear this area and get inside the van. :D [END OF CHAPTER 2]