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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough Chapter 1 - Welcom to Shanghai

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The first scene where you can move your character. You'll be playing as Lynch. Now, move forward your character.

Go upstairs.

Kick the door. Press the keys as shown in the game.

After the short scene, now it's time to chase Brady but more importantly, your health.

Keep chasing him and take cover if someone shooting at you.

Kick the door and continue.

Enter the room to the right.

Then go upstairs.

Kick the door to the left and kick another door.

After kicked the second door, be prepared to take cover.

Don't worry about chasing that guy. Just eliminate all enemies here before proceed.

Whatever you do, shooting or anything, you can slow down that man or even catch him. So, keep chasing him. :D

When you reached here, starting now you have to be more careful because more enemies here. Sometimes they hide until you move out from the cover.

Take any weapons you like. You can only hold two weapons at a time.

Take cover and eliminate all enemies here.

Just do the same like before.

When the area cleared, follow this way.

Follow the instruction on screen.

Then, take cover here and do your things toc lear this area.

Continue to chase him and as always, take cover when needed.

"When the guy not shooting, move forward to get near him as close as possible. If you close enough (about 5 meters far), a short scene will start, indicate the end of this mission. :)