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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough Chapter 4 - Laying Low

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Swat team ambushed you! Now it's time to counter-attack.

Clear this area first.

Here, there is a fire extinguisher. Try to use that.

Then proceed until you find a door. Just kick it!

Proceed with caution. Ready to shoot.

Open this door.

Just move along the way.

You can use the stairs to the left or straight to fight the enemies in the next area.

Then, move into this room.

And lift this door.

Just move here. Be careful when you see police car.

At some point, police will come after you. Kill all of them.

Enter this building.

Then, climb the wall.

Take the stairs and jump down to the new area.

Move through here.

Clear this area.

There is a sniper upstairs. Take his weapon.

Then, go down here.

Go upstairs and kill two enemy snipers using the sniper you got before.

Go back down and clear this area.

Go here and climb the fence. [END OF CHAPTER 4]