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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough Chapter 3 - Blood, Sweat and Tears

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Firstly, follow that bald guy. :P

After this, you will take place for the main role. So wait him (the bald guy) to die. XD

BANG! Now he's dead.

Kill all enemies here.

Enter here.

Go upstairs.

Keep going until you reach here. Follow the instruction on screen and clear the area.

Now you're here? Then it's the right way. Keep going.

Quite many enemies here. So, keep calm and eliminate all enemies okay? :D

Then, enter here.

Lift the door to proceed to the next area.

Prepare your weapons and keep shooting!

If you shoot it right, there are nothing to worry about.

If you keep going here, you will be in loop. You need to find a door to be kicked.

Like this door. The door wants you to kick it. XD

Lift the door and proceed to the next area.

When you reach this area. Find this door and *kick* .

Just watch the short scene.

Now, go upstairs.

You have no choice, you have to kill them all to win the mission.

Continously shoot the van. Don't let it get away.

Proceed to the next area by kicking this door.

Clear this area.

Open this door. Then, keep going but be careful there are few police guarding this area.

Just move along the path. Finally, climb this wall to end this mission. [END OF CHAPTER 3]