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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough Chapter 5 - Coming Home

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First of all, you have to sneak. But the enemy will find out later. So just play like normal. :)

Just run and take out this man.

Then, eliminate the remaining enemies.

Open the door.

Go upstairs.

Now you have to be careful. Take cover and kill all enemies here.

Go upstairs again.

Same like before, clear this area.

Then, open this door to proceed to the next area.

In this floor, enemy will attack you from the other side. So find a safe place to take cover and kill them.

Enter this room.

In this area, you have to clear all the enemies here.

Kill anyone near Xiu.

When Xiu run away, that cant see her anywhere here. Then you should move on. Enter the next room.

Get out here.

Clear this area.

Once all enemies killed. A short scene will be played. [END OF CHAPTER 5]