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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough Chapter 10 - Resurrection

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This is how you start this mission.

Find a way to take human shield and grab his gun.

Sniper. Be careful.

Clear this area and enter the door to the right.

Yeah, this door.

Now, clear this area.

Keep going until you reach here. Then, keep going again through the path in front.

Enter this elevator.

Keep going. Don't bother the heli. Just avoid the attacks. You need machine gun to destroy the heli.

A gunner! Nice. Find your way to get his gun.

Revenge is sweet! :D

When this area cleared, go here and continue.

Just keep going up.

Few enemies will block your way and you should kill them.

Go up and continue your mission.

Now, clear the second floor.

Go here.

Kick and kick through doors. You will reach here. Then, kill all enemies here.

Now, hold here and clear the path.

So much enemies here.

Next, go through the path here. Both left and right lead to the same door.

Open this door to end this mission. [END OF CHAPTER 10]