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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough Sand Central Station

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"Beginning of the stage is pretty simple - destroy all obstacles standing on your way and then reach the wall with two hydrants on both sides of the street. You will be attacked by infinite wave of enemies - they aren't very dangerous, so you can ignore them (killing them is a waste of time).

Approach to the wall as Hulk and smash it with your bare hands. Try to catch green handles and pull them, so you can lift the whole bus (only character as strong as Hulk can do that!). Throw it away and continue your trip.

"Approach to the next truck and use Iron Man's rocket attack - aim on the silver part of the vehicle and release the missiles. When bricks are scattered, build another green handle from them and use Hulk in the same way as earlier (to clear the way).

Lift the truck with Hulk and throw it away. Approach to the Abomination and fight with him during simple QTE sequence.

Duel is very easy - constantly mash attack button and when characters change their position, hit interaction button as fast as you can. Repeat this combination two more times to finish the struggle.

In next location choose Hulk. Approach to the object on the left and lift it using green handles. Hurl it at the sand hand on the opposite.

Now it's time for Iron Man - steady your aim and shoot at the silver barriers on the right. When another green handle appear, use Hulk strength to pull them out. Afterwards, throw furniture at the second hand.

When you move further, you will face a train with 21 sand creeps on it. To move forward, simply kill all of the enemies. Notice that they can't shoot, so Iron Man can easily fly away and target them with his rockets. When playing Hulk, just smash every enemy in the area.

After finishing struggle, move forward and use Iron Man's rockets to shoot at the silver ball placed on the right. Build a water cannon from debris (hold down interaction button) and use it to wet the blockade. Now smash it with Hulk to make a passage.

Use Iron Man's rockets once again, destroying balustrade on the right. Build a rock with green handles from the debris, and lift it with Hulk. Now hurl an object at the green gate - you will be blown outside, to the last part of this level.

Now you will meet a new character: Spider-Man. Thanks to spider's web he can move very fast (both vertical and horizontal), and spider sense grants him an ability to detect hidden objects. He can also climb on the specific walls, marked red and blue.

Choose Spider-Man character and go to the right part of the location. Use spider sense to reveal a hidden passage on the wall and then climb on it. Standing on the platform, use web to pull out nearby panel (which is colored in red and blue).

When satellite goes down and turn into pieces, build another device with green handles from adjacent debris. Use it with Hulk, destroying first generator.

Turn yourself into Iron Man and destroy silver barriers on the left. Use Spider-Man's spider sense to detect hidden panel and pull it out, like you have done it before.

Finally go to the central part of the location and use spider's web at the big A letter. When it falls, the way to the boss will stand open.

On the right side of the location you will find a blue-red panel - use it with Spider-Man, to make a rope. Now choose Hulk and transform him into Bruce Banner (hold down change character button).

Climb on the rope and once more turn Bruce into a savage monster. Pull out green handles, destroying silo and scatter it into pieces. Build water cannon from debris and shoot at the enemy. Face him with Hulk and strike green wall with attack button.

Turn away and go to the central part of the arena. Find a pile of sand on the left and destroy it with Hulk's smash attack (simply press jump and attack buttons). Build concrete mixer from the debris and throw it at the enemy. When giant falls, hit him as before.

Approach blue-red panel on the left with Spider-Man and use spider's web to unlock a switch. Now pull it.

On the right side of the sand giant you will find silver obstacle, which only Iron Man can destroy. When it is done, use second switch to unlock the water tank.

When both switches are turned on, stand face-to-face with huge Sandman and use spider sense. When another blue-red panel appears, hit it with the web and pull out. In the end, knock down your enemy with Hulk.