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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough HOGWARTS CASTLE III

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[Pendulum Tower Courtyard] Ride the broomstick right beside the owl perch.

Overhead, a blue LEGO stud with four gold ones around it will appear. Collect that stud to make another one appear nearby. Continue collecting the studs as you circle around the upper edge of the area. When you collect the last one, a Gold Brick will appear in front of the penduum.

Have Ron disguise as Lucius Malfoy (as you will need Harry and Hermione's assistance), then blast the Boggart in the chest to get the green key.

Use it to unlock the Clock Tower.

[Clock Tower] Blast the spiderweb to save a Student in Peril.

Open both chests, then place the clocks on the columns according to their colors to unlock Red Brick (Score x2).

Eliminate the Pixie to stop the rotating stairs.

To get a Gold Brick, first approach the painting on the right and use magic on it. A purplr gear will appear. Place it in the proper spot.

Then, have Harry talks to the snake. An egg will appear and will be eaten by the second snake, causing the Gold Brick falls from the ceiling.

Character Token -- Once Harry talks to the snake, the second snake will sneak into the hole next to you. Hit its tail to make the Vernon Dursley character token appear.

Use Hermione to use her ability to turn back time.

Time Travel : Character Token -- The Milkman character token is right beside the rotating stairs.

Jump on the pump gear, to temporary stop the rotating stair. Your other characters will ascend the stairs, you may switch to one of them.

Blast the silver padlock on the bookshelf so that Hermione can solve it later.

Use Lumos Solem to scare away the Devil's Snare that holding the robot's head. Attach the head to its body to permanantly stop the rotating stairs.

Hit the painting on the wall to get a clock.

Use the debris from it to construct a blue needle. Attach it to the huge clock.

Character Token -- Have Hermione activate the bookshelf to make the Madam Rosmerta character token appears as well as the green needle pieces.

Set the clock to earn a Gold Brick.

[Sundial Garden] Now, head to the Hagrid's Hut.