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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 4-2: DRAGONS FREE PLAY

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Use Lucius Malfoy or other evil character with Dark Magic to replay this stage.

Character Token -- Open the black cabinet with Dark Magic to reveal the Durmstrang Student character token.

Ravenclaw Crest Fragment (blue) -- Use the Dark Magic on the hanging skeleton next to the blue dragon cage. It will fish the blue crest from the aquarium below.

Character Token -- Right after crossing the brick bridge, you will find a safe. Open the save as Griphook to unlock the Cedric (Sweater) character token.

Slytherin Crest Fragment (green) -- After getting across the bridge you will find a chest with two locks. Destroy them with Reducto spell, spill out the content of the chest then assemble a dragon to melt the wall with the crest behind it.

Character Token -- Destroy the chest in the second location, right at the beginning. You will find a Dragon Handler character token in it.

After unlocking the chains, you will find a safe on the right. Use Griphook character to free the Student in Peril.