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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 1-2: OUT OF THE DUNGEON

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Gryffindor Crest Fragment (red) -- Use magic on the vases and flowers will pop up. Cast nine of them will reveal a crest fragment.

Light up the burned-out bulbs. There are three more in the girls' restroom.

Playing as Ron, release Scabbers into the pipeline to turn off the switch.

Slytherin Crest Fragment (green) -- Throw three fish into the fountain.

Blast the shelf to send the Lego blocks tumbling on the floor. Stack them together so you can hop up onto the ledge.

Jump over the fountain to the other side.

Light up the torch causes it to burn the display armor. The burned armor will hanging from the chandelier, hence causing it to fall.

Cast on the broken chandelier to form a trident. Lift the trident, so that the merman statue can use it to hit the wrecking ball.

Use your magic to assemble some rubbles on the floor to create a lamp for the painting. Before proceed with the painting, cast on the remaining vases and light up the burner-out bulbs first.

Once you're done, go back to the wizard painting. Shoot the wizard with a magic blast. You will receive a girl’s disguise but only for a temporary. The clock is ticking..

quickly head to the girls' restroom. Step on a patch of light, then wave to the woman painting. The girls' restroom doorway will open, pass through that door.

After witness a cutscene, approach the Troll so he'll start blasting everything. There's a girl that's too afraid to move. Just walk next to her to save the Student in Peril.

Pick up (J) small fragment that fall off the ceiling then throw it to the Troll.

More ceiling fragments will fall off if you hit the mirrors on the wall.

The troll will start to throw bricks at you. Take them over (J) using the spell and throw them back. Once he gets hit twice, he will fall to the ground, dropping his club.

Use the opportunity to collect studs. Blast all the toilet bowl covers.

The water pressure will push you up, floating in the mid-air. Now you can collect all the studs.

Ravenclaw Crest Fragment (blue) -- Light up three more burned-out bulbs in the girls' restroom.

Move closer, lift up the club then release it over the Troll's head, to deal the final blow. Now a cutscene will follow.