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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 2-6: THE BASILISK

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Approach the painting in the left part of the bathroom and use magic on it. You'll cause nearby blocks to fall.

Switch to Ron and enter the pipeline as Scabbers.

Cast Lumos Solem to eliminate the Devil's Snare,

and you'll help a Student in Peril.

Attach the missing part of the pipeline

then lower the flush to unblock the passage so that Scabbers can move on to the right to press the red button.

A frog will jump out from the toilet bowl and hide in the cabinet. Lift it into the air and shake out its contents.

Assemble the Lego pieces from the cabinet to form a bouncing plunger.

Hop onto the plunger and jump into the clogged toilet to get more blocks.

Assemble those pieces.

There will be a a snake appears in the mirror. Use Harry character to speak Parseltongue. Jump through the opening to the other area of the stage.

Gryffindor Crest Fragment (red) -- Assemble four skeletons scattered throughout the room.

Proceed to the left then use the plunger on the giant squid.

Use the bricks to create a platform. Hop on the platform and the other character will lift you up.

Assemble the pile of bones to form a skeleton, which will start fishing and trigger a sequence.

Jump into the geyser of water so that you can leap along to reach the other side of ledge. Construct a bridge from the Lego pieces.

Don't forget to assemble the last skeleton to get the red crest fragment.

Tug on the snake statue to bring it down to a lower level. Jump into its mouth and it will rise again.

After the cutscene, you have to face the Basilisk.

Stand in front of pile of rocks on your left so that the Basilisk will tilt its head back, then lash out towards you.

Hit the container to reveal a snake. Blast it with magic to get your first ingredient.

Repeat these steps with the other two piles of rocks.

Use Harry to speak Parseltongue to obtain the second ingredient.

Once you've brake the third pile, use Lumos Solem spell on the Devil's Snare so that you can take the skeleton's arm.

Brew the Strength Potion, then sip it. Now you may pull the chain on the wall to free the Phoenix. Hit the snake once with your magic to scare it away.

Slytherin Crest Fragment (green) -- After freeing the Pheonix and hit the Basilisk, assemble three musical instruments from the scattered blocks. Get the accordian on your left,

then get the trumpet

and the violin.

Attach the chains to an overhead bar. Use Wingardium Leviosa on both platforms (your partner will raise the other side) to reveal an opening. Jump through it and you'll be warped to the upper right area.

The snake will periodically send a gust of air to keep you from getting closer. Between gusts, use magic on the Sorting Hat. Raise it high and a large sword will fall from it.

At the next opportunity quickly jump into the tunnel. Grab the sword and aim it at the Basilisk to finish the stage.