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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 3-1: NEWS FROM AZKABAN

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Once begin the stage, you'll be attacked by a book. Leap onto the canopy bed.

Cast Wingardium Leviosa magic on the nearby tilted painting so that the red wizard will move to the other painting.

While the book being distracted, hit the painting, which will cause a hat drop onto the floor. Now the book will chase after that hat and will be swallowed by the drawer.

Once the drawer spits out the book, approach it and jump onto it (J).

Hit the tilted painting for the second time. This time the green wizard will move to the painting on the far right wall.

Use magic on him then throw the wood into the chimney. Light it up.

Flames will burst out from the chimney; causing the book back in a daze. Jump onto the book again.

Approach the tilted painting by the bed and use magic on it for the last time. Doing so will cause a rubber duck to fly out from the portrait.

Leap onto the dazed book to end the enchantment.

Hufflepuff Crest Fragment (yellow) -- Once you're at the station, destroy five beige boxes with red lids.

Release the owl from the cage and it will pick up the nearby baggage. A flower will fall out of it.

Set the flower into the chimney of the train.

Use the magic on the left plant to find a megaphone. Attach to its pole to scare the two students sitting on some baggage.

The left baggage consist of the first ingredient for your potion. Now assemble the Lego pieces from the another baggage to construct a springboard.

Stack the springboard on the baggage so that you can hop on the train roof.

Gryffindor Crest Fragment (red) -- Dig up the box on the top of the train to get a crest fragment.

Take your second ingredient, head left past the iron fence before you jump down onto the platform.

Construct a cauldron from the Lego pieces then put both ingredients in it.

Break the black baggage and construct a chain mechanism.

Finally, get your last ingredient for the potion.

Brew then drink the Strength Potion, before you pull the chain.

In the third area of the stage, you'll be on the train. Give the lollipops to both of the students to open the compartment doors.

Now take the green key and attach it to the door to trigger a cutscene.

Switch to Professor Lupin, use Patronus Charm on the Dementor.

Open the baggage, use the pickaxe to crush the blocks of ice.

Construct a luggage trolley and put the boxess onto it to give it some heft.

Push the trolley to unlock the entrance to the next coach.

Ravenclaw Crest Fragment (blue) -- Find five green Slytherin suitcases.

Clear the blockage to the pipeline opening.

Slytherin Crest Fragment (green) -- jump onto the stack of suitcases and then jump again to get the floating crest fragment.

Release Hermione's cat or Scabber into the pipeline to push the button to open the compartment door.

Open the suitcase and take out a key. Carry it to the far right end of the coach.

Use the pickaxe in the display case to crush the ice barrier. Then you can proceed to the right through the next opening.

Have Hermione solve the puzzle on the bookshelf.

Assemble the blocks from the bookshelf to create a large blind. Once again use the pickaxe to crush the ice barrier.

Hang the blind above the window to block more moonlight.

Deal with three Dementors to finish the stage.