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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Walkthrough YEAR 2-5: FOLLOW THE SPIDERS

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After the mission begins, you will be attacked by a hornet. Get rid of its nest.

Slytherin Crest Fragment (green) -- Tug on ten of brown mushrooms.

Dig up the large stump with moss trailers spread over it.

You can actually hop onto this and it will come to life.

Leap out to the higher ledge.

Create a cloud, move it to the left, above the withered tree. The sprites will transform into a ladder. Now your companions can climb up to join you.

Dig the digging spot, causes the large tree trunk to fall over a gap to the right, forming a bridge.

Get rid of the Devil's Snare then cast magic on the broomstick.

Fly to the other side of the lake, then construct a ramp leading down into the water. Your friends will swim over and join you on the high bank.

As you approach the right wall, a few Pixies will come and steal away the rungs on a ladder.

However, the sprites will appear and produce a ladder nearby. Climb it to reach the upper ledge.

Character Token -- Simply jump on the spider web to get the Ron (Sweater) token.

Eliminate Pixies causes the tree to swinging faster and suddenly collapses on the ground.

Dig the crack spot to reveal a tunnel that leads to the boss.

Use magic to free a Student in Peril who's trapped in a spider web.

Try to dodge the boss' attacks and shoot the small ones. If you're trapped in the spider web, simply change your active character.

Use Wingardium Leviosa to lift a spider then hold J to spin and throw it to its mother. You might find it hard to spin the black one and fight the brown spiders at the same time.

Another tips for you.. Just lift the black one whenever you're encounter one, as the brown spiders will ACTUALLY stop attacking and wait for you to attack their mother.. lol :D Do this three times and you're done.

Gryffindor Crest Fragment (red) -- During the car escape you will come across five chests. Just hit them all.

Since you're in a rush, you might easily miss the chests. Here are the exact locations of each of them. The second one will be located on your left side (after you drive through a narrow passageway).

The third chest is on your right (after the short cutscene).

Fourth chest in on your right (after drive through the archway)

The last one after jumping off the cliff (where Harry awaits you), right on the left side.

The victory is yours!