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Limbo Walkthrough Chapter 37

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Jump to the right.

Press the gravity box on your way past it.

Grab the box that falls to the ceiling and move it to the right. I know. How can something fall to the ceiling?

Climb over or under the box.

Climb back up the ledge and wait for gravity to reverse.

Once again jump out to the gravity box.

Press the switch again.

Push the box to the right.

Climb up the box.

Climb up the ledge.

Run to the right, but not too far. You need to avoid the saw, but remember that gravity is going to reverse soon. So you don't want to fall to your death.

Slide down the slope.

Jump at the bottom of the slope, and press the gravity button.

Run to about here.

Gravity will reverse.

We have another timing issue here. Wait until gravity is about to reverse, then jump out to the magnetic switch and turn it off.

Gravity should reverse prior to you getting hit by machine gun fire.

Wait for gravity to reverse next to the big block.

When it does climb on top of the big block and run to the right.

Gravity will reverse again. Just wait for it to reverse again.

Stand here, and wait a sec. Then jump off the ledge to the right.

The machine gun will trigger.

Gravity will reverse and you will end up on the ledge upside down.

Run to the right and get to the gap before gravity reverses again.

Wait here until gravity reverses.

Slide down the slope.

Wait a second here.

Then jump off to the right.

It's one of those gravity tricks again. It's not too hard to avoid the saw blades with the right timing.