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Loadout Walkthrough End Notes

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To show case-and-point, Here's another character and as you can see, the males in this game have very large shoulders & arms, obstructing some rather critical view at certain angles. When playing Blitz Mode (Control Points mode), It is often a good idea to AVOID standing at the point and Instead simply gunning down the enemies that do go to it.

It may be difficult to resist going to the objective at first but once you see the after-effects of only your teammates being alive afterwards to score, It quickly becomes worth it.

Here we also have a "Healing gun" in action, in this case, shooting syringes at us to not only heal any existing injuries but to also buff our HP 50% more than usual.

At Blitz mode, Grenades are horribly overpowered. You start with two every time you die and that's enough to wipe out an entire enemy team whom even dares to stand at the control point. They cannot be countered and have to be avoided unless heavy damage is to be sustained. You throw them by pressing (C)

If you manage to create a really good healing weapon, they can very easily outheal the damage of 2-3 opponents. Something to keep in mind when playing with friends.

Loadout also has area-specific damage on player bodies, but they sadly as of right now, don't do anything. You can shoot someone's leg half-off and they will hop around, but not at a lesser speed. Even heads and most of people's torsos can be completely removed by bullets and they can still live, although barely.

And that concludes our Loadout guide! Remember to practice often and stay on the move by using Sprint + Jump (Shift) + (Space) to avoid next to all enemy fire. Good luck!