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Loadout Walkthrough Chassi Up's and Down's

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Rifle. Pros: "Invisible" bullets, High rate of fire, Capable of burst-damage at close range. Cons: Heavy recoil, Difficult to use due to lack of visual feedback other than crosshair and borderline distracting "hit" noise, Rubbish at ranges unless very slow-firing, Very often needs lengthy reloading times especially for gatling/sub barrel, lack of versatility.

Launcher. Pros: Large areas of splash-damage, Possibly biggest burst-damage in the game with Salvo, Very customizeable rockets including clusters and 4-6+ rockets per clip, Extremely lethal in Blitz Mode, Can be very cheap but effective way to kill pursuers. Cons: Hard to get "just right" for specific playstyles, Long reloads, Short clips, Catastrophic if missed, High chances of self-inflicted damage, Slow-travelling projectiles, Projectiles can be shot down mid-air and eliminated without detonation.

Pulse. Pros: High rate of fire, Capable of burst-damage both close and at stationary/AoE long ranges, capable of short-timed area denials, Large clip sizes, Relatively fast reload. Cons: Huge, visible clumsy bullets, Very hard to aim with at any serious distance, Can often need reloading, Weakest individual bullet weapon-type in the game, requires some spending before any serious potential is reached, Difficult to land headshots as projectiles may clot up against other bodyparts.

Laser. Pros: Infinite range, Fastest and furthest reaching weapon in the game, Capable of massive clip-sizes, Has "Cooling" clips that require no reloading and automatically cool off/reload in your off-hand/when not in use, Very impressive sustained damage possibly the best, Easiest weapon to aim with and use, Requires next to no spendage in order to get a lethal beam weapon, Very lethal with "Pyro" ammo, Counters most launcher-weapons with ease. Cons: Weakness to meeting fire weapons as It disallows cooling down/reloading, Unsuitable for stealth-kills as the beam is visible.