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Loadout Walkthrough Combat

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Loadout features an explosive third-person combat style that rewards spontaneous moving and careful aiming. If you have a beam weapon like me, keeping a distance is usually a good idea as the beam weapon has infinite range, no recoil and no travel-time.

With enough aim, the Beam can devastate any foe in split seconds, especially If they stand still so It's worth not just running face to face with people all the time.

Loadout has several game-modes. In this case, I got thrown into a match featuring two "Hammers". They are essentially flags from modes such as Captuire the Flag and when swung by the flag-carrier, they do massive but limited time-use AoE damage.

Paving the path for your flag-carrier and keeping enemies at bay from your base is essential in this mode. And if you got a high-up place, the beam quickly becomes invaluable.

The only draw-side of the Beam is that It's easy to forget to let it "Cool off". As the beam chassi does not use bullets or other projectiles, it instead accumilates heat over-time with prolonged use and after It reaches a certain point, It needs to cool off. Hold (R) at any time to cool it off early or faster.

Loadout is a game where healing is either very scarce or abudant. In this case, I ran into a brightly-shining green medkit that gives me an heal-over-time. The other method of healing can be done with supportive guns, although they are expensive.

It is VERY wise to early on, invest into having a "Fire" beam weapon. They are absolutely devastating and can put foes on fire, burning a good 10-40% of their health off within the blink of an eye across the map. If they also have laser weapons, being on-fire causes them to overheat much more quickly, essentially disabling opponents, damaging them heavily and applying a DoT all in one shot.

Opponents that you should focus very hard on are usually the ones with a blue sillouette around them. It is an "Energy" armor perk that gives the user essentially some extra HP that regenerates up.

However, when shot with any kind of lightning weapon, this shield goes away in split seconds.

And while death in Loadout is comedical, It should be avoided to maximize both XP and currency gains.