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Lucius Walkthrough Cold as Hell

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After the cutscene you'll be given a short tutorial on the game's hud, as well as some basic functions and controls.

Once you get a basic idea of the hud you'll be able to carry on with your mission. Head over to the freezer door and close it by pressing the left mouse button.

Turn around and grab the padlock from the table, then head back to the freezer door.

Before you can do anything with the padlock the game will require you to holster it. To do that press the right mouse button and Lucius will hide it in his pocket.

Now take the padlock back out by pressing the right mouse button again. Hover your indicator over at the door and press the left mouse button to lock the freezer door.

A message will appear stating that the freezer isn't cold enough. Look up to the left side of the freezer door and you'll see a small control panel. Interact with it to lower the freezer's temperature.

A cutscene will play and when you wake up again you'll be in your room and a man is sitting on a chair near the window. He'll start talking to you, grab the notebook on top of the desk once he tells you to do so.

After taking the notebook press E to open your inventory, then press the left mouse button to open the notebook. Click on the tab that says "Mary" and the man will continue talking. Holster the notebook afterwards.

He'll also inform you of the flashlight on top of the desk. Pick up the flashlight and the batteries when he tells you to and open up your inventory.

In your inventory, highlight your the batteries and press the right mouse button, the batteries should turn red, this means that it's ready for combining. Scroll over to the flashlight by using the middle mouse button and press the right mouse button again to combine the flashlight and the batteries.

The man will then tell you that you need to go back to the kitchen and take the padlock and you'll return to the real world.

After you wake up open your inventory and take out the flashlight, then head over to the door and open it.

Exit into the corridor and turn left. Follow the corridor to the very end and you'll find a door at the end of the right side wall. Open it then head inside.

Enter the first room on the left side and go to the door on the far left corner of the room. It's on the left side of the bookshelves.

Open the door and climb down the stairs. There are three doors in this area. Enter the one on the left side that's labeled "Dining Room."

It's a little dark but immediately after entering the dining room look to your right and there's a door here. Open it and enter the kitchen.

Take the padlock from the freezer door and open your notebook. A note saying that you should hide it in your pocket will appear in the tab for Mary.

Close the notebook and holster the padlock. You'll then receive your first demonic ability, Telekinesis.