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Lucius Walkthrough Fatal Affair

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Enter your parents's room and exit through the door that leads to the staircase.You may meet Jovita here in which case you'll receive your target confirmation.

Head up the opposite side of the stairs and enter the door at the top of the stairs. Turn left and keep walking until you reach the end of the hallway. Enter the door on the right side.

Enter the door on the opposite side of the one you just came in through and turn left. Go all the way to the end of the hallway and enter the door on the right. You should end up at your grandpa's study room.

There are two things you need here. The first is the camera on the top shelf. Equip your telekinesis and drop it down to a level that you can take it.

The second item you need is the photo paper which is on top of the drawer at the right side of the desk. Take the map that on top of the desk and take the photo paper that's right beside it.

Open up your inventory and combine the camera and the photo paper. Then take out your camera and go back down to the long corridor.

Once you get there head into the opening underneath the left side staircase (the one that leads up to your parent's room) You'll find the living quarters here.

Head inside the living quarters and open the first door on the right side of the hallway. I won't include the screenshot for sensitivity issues. Once the door is open, take out your camera and point at Tom, then press the left mouse button to take a picture.

Now head back to the first door that you saw when you entered the living quarters. This is Jovita's room.

Take out the photo you just took and place it on top of the desk.

Then open the cabinet on the right side of the desk and take out the padlock, place it inside the cabinet and do the same for the rat poison.

Exit the room and wait for Jovita to find the photo that you placed on her desk. She'll break down. Now follow her upstairs until she starts crying at the balcony.

Once you get to the balcony use mind control on her. Then click on the railing to make her jump over it.