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Lucius Walkthrough Grass is Always Red on This Side

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After waking up head downstairs, through the dining room and out the garden. Turn right once you exit into the garden and you'll see the gardener, Antonio. You'll also receive your target confirmation after seeing him.

Go near the tree and look towards its south side. You'll see a small rock sitting there. Take it and keep it equipped.

Now go near the grass that Antonio is mowing and an arrow will appear on the ground. Wait for Antonio to turn his back on you then place the rock on the marker.

After he hits the rock Antonio will crouch down and check the mower. Equip your telekinesis and use it on the lawn mower.

He'll get startled and his mind will weaken. Now equip your mind control ability and use it on him. Then click on the lawn mower to make him commit suicide.

"Lucifer will come and visit you again that night. He'll give you a new power. Combustion, basically you can set anything and everything on fire. But there's a catch, you can only use it after sacrificing a person.

Lucifer will then create a shadow. Use the combustion skill to kill the shadow and the tutorial will end.