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Lucius Walkthrough Shot for Education

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Once you wake up leave your room and go through your parents's bedroom then exit throught the door that leads down to the long corridor (where the living quarters are).

Climb up the opposite staircase and enter the door at the top. Turn right as you enter the door and go through the door on the left side. You'll end up at your grandpa's study. Now leave the study through the only other door in the room and enter the room right in front of that. You'll receive your kill confirmation for your tutor inside the classroom.

Approach him and interact with him until he starts to ask you math questions.

Take the card that has the correct answer printed on it and show it to the tutor. Do this three times and he'll ask you to bring out your biology book. If you don't know the answer to the questions it's 3, 1 and then 2.

There's a book on top of Lucius's desk. Take it then show it to the tutor and he'll say that it isn't a biology book, then he'll go and look for one.

When he does, leave the room and take the right side of the hallway. Enter the first door on the left side and you'll end up near your father's office.

Enter your father's office and interact with him. He'll ask you to fetch some papers in their bedroom.

Now go back down the stairs and return to your parents's bedroom. On the nightstand at the right side of the bed there's a key and some documents. Take them then head back to your father's office.

Hold the documents in your hands and interact with your father while holding them. Charles will then leave the room and you're free to pry around his office.

Open the cabinet at the right side of your father's desk and you'll find some bullets inside. Take the bullets.

Now examine the safe at the left side if the room near the door. You'll be required to enter a code to open it. The code is: 6-6-19-66, which is your birthday. Open it and take the gun that's hidden inside.

Open your inventory and combined the revolver with the bullets to load the gun.

Go back to the classroom and take out the revolver. A marker will appear on top of your teacher's table. Place the revolver where the marker is.

After that use mind control on your teacher and quickly make him interact with the revolver to make him commit suicide.