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Lucius Walkthrough The Mind Can Take Only So Much

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After morning comes leave your room and exit through the last door on the left side of the hallway. Then enter the second door on the right side of the corridor.

You'll find your uncle Tom inside drinking his sorrows away. Also you'll receive your target confirmation.

Turn right and open the closet door. Enter the closet and you'll find a bottle of alcohol that's outside the box, it's the one with a black label. Take the bottle then exit the room.

Head back and go to your parent's room. Then use the door that leads to the long corridor (where the living quarters are) and enter the first door on the right that leads to the lobby.

Climb down the stairs and enter the door on the left side of the stairs. Inside the laundry room keep walking towards the door on the opposite side to get to the garage.

After entering the garage open the door on the right side and make your way down the stairs and into the wine cellar. There's a secret passage behind the black curtain. Just walk towards the right side of the curtain and you should go right through.

Head down the passage and open the door at the end of it. You'll arrive at a ceremony room. Go towards the end of the room and grab the pill bottle at the right side corner.

Now open your inventory and combine the pills with the whiskey bottle that you took from Tom's room. After combining the two head back upstairs and into Tom's room.

Once you're back at Tom's room, go beside the T.V. and plant the poisoned bottle beside him.

Now wait for him to chug down the poisoned bottle and wait for him to die.

Lucifer will visit you again in your dreams. This time he'll teach you the skill Mind Erase. Basically the skill will let you erase people's memories of catching you. Press 4 on the keyboard to equip the skill and press on the shadow behind you to use it.