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Lucius Walkthrough Eat Healthy

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Leave your bedroom after you wake up. Your parents's room is now open. Enter the room and exit through the door right in front of the one you came in through.

Look to your left after leaving your parent's room and you'll see a door on the right side of the hallway. Enter it and make your way down the stairs and up the staircase on the opposite side.

Head into the hallway and turn left. Open the first door you see on the left side and you'll receive your target confirmation, the head maid, Agnes.

Exit Agnes's office and take the path to the right. Enter the first door on the right side and you'll be back to the staircase. Enter the first room on the right side and you'll end up at the lobby. Go the the left side of the stairs and enter the door near the statue.

The door leads into the laundry room. Exit the room through the door on the right side and you'll end up in a corridor. Turn left and enter the door on the left side of the corridor.

Now turn left and enter the last door on the right, this will lead you into the library. Exit through the large double door and you'll end up at the recreational room.

Make your way to the left side of the room and go around the bar. You'll find Alistair sitting on the chair and the rat poison is right beside the table on the floor.

Interact with the rat poison and open your notebook. You'll need to come back for it later when everyone else is asleep. So leave it for now and head back into your bedroom, then go to sleep.

Once night falls Lucius will wake up. Exit your room and go to the left side of the hallway, then enter through the last door on the right side.

You will then receive a message that your mother is still awake. Head inside the first room on the left and open the closet, it's the first door on the right side. Get inside and close the door behind you.

Timing here is crucial and because of that this mission became a lot harder than it should be. Listen for sounds of doors opening and closing. probably about 15-20 seconds in the closet should be enough.

Open the closet door and peep around, check if your mother is anywhere in sight. If not then head for the door that leads to the first floor. It's the one beside the drawer.

Go down and enter the dining room. There's a door directly in front of the door you used to enter the dining room. That door leads outside and is the only way around the house.

Turn off your flashlight if you had it on. Then proceed to the other side of the garden. The detective is guarding the door. Approach him from behind and hide behind the bushes. Then use telekinesis on the lamp post in front of him.

Once the light bulb shatters he'll go over to investigate and you'll have a chance to sneak past him. Enter through the door on his left side to get back into the recreational room. Remember to switch from telekinesis to your hand.

Now shut the door behind you and go behind the bar again.Take the rat poison and it'll be morning again.

When morning comes head down to the dining room and into the kitchen. Make sure no one's around and take out the rat poison. There's a basket of bread on the far right corner of the kitchen counter, use the rat poison on it to kill Agnes.

Lucifer will visit you again at night. He'll teach you the mind control ability. Press 3 and click on the shadow that would appear in the room to use it. You'll have to do this twice.

On the third time, click on the man then look towards the floor and you'll see an object lying there. Quickly click on it before your control over the shadow runs out in order to make him interact with it.