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Lucius Walkthrough Smoking Kills

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After waking up open your notebook and you'll notice that there's a second name there now, your father's friend, Gene.

Holster your notebook and leave your room. Take the left side of the corridor again and enter through the last door on the right side of the corridor.

Enter the first room on the left and you'll notice that there's a man fixing the lamp. Look at the drawer and you'll find a screwdriver sitting on top of it. Take the screw driver and holster it.

Now head down the stairs and enter the dining room and head for the kitchen. Approach the stove and take out the screwdriver. Point to the stove and interact with it to rig it.

Exit the kitchen and go to the right towards the living room. Approach the man sitting on the chair and you'll receive your target confirmation.

Go behind his chair and point your indicator at the matches on the table. Don't take those matches if the hand has a red lining and an exclamation point beside it. You'll get busted and it will result to a gameover. Take the matches after the hand icon glows yellow.

Get away from him and he'll start to look for his matches. He'll then get up and head for the kitchen. Follow him.

Now press 2 to equip your telekinesis and wait for Ivor to crouch down and get under the piano. When he does use your telekinesis on the piano until the cutscene starts.

You'll wake up a little later again and the man on the chair will be inside the room again. He'll teach you how to use your telekinesis.

Press 2 on your keyboard and your telekinesis ability will be equipped. Turn around and point to the toy car, then press and hold the left mouse button to use your telekinesis on it. Move your mouse around while holding th e left mouse button to move the car.

Now press the left and right mouse button together to pull the car closer to you. A box will then appear at the middle of the room.

Lucifer will ask you to put the car in the box. I found it hard to use the left and right mouse button so I found a way to this a little easier. Press the left mouse button to use telekinesis on the car, then lift the car up and make Lucius moveto align the car with the box and drop it in.

A cup will then appear near the box. Hover over it and press the left mouse button, hold it until the cup breaks.

Lastly there's a stereo that'll appear on the floor, hover over it and use your telekinesis to turn it on. That's it for your basic telekinesis tutorial. Remember all the icons for telekinesis. It may help you later.