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Lucius Walkthrough Cutting Edge

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After you wake up leave your room and go back downstairs the same way you always do, but this time you won't be going to the dining room. Instead open the white door on the right side labeld with "Cold Room."

Inside you'll find the butcher and you'll receive your target confirmation.

Approach him and he'll give you a chore. You don't really need to do this but I would recommend you do it anyways since you'll get something nice for being a good boy. Grab the boxes at the right side of the door and carry them to the freezer one by one.

After doing your chore hide behind the stack of boxes at the right side of the butcher's table. Equip your telekinesis and point your cursor on the light bulb behind the butcher.

"Once the light shatters Jed will ask you to get a replacement bulb. Head upstairs and take the light bulb from the drawer that Ivor was working on earlier.

Head back down to the cold room and give the light bulb to Jed. He'll then proceed to replacing the broken bulb.

Wait for him to climb up the saw table, then use your telekinesis on the saw machine to start it up and kill Jed.