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Lucius Walkthrough Betrayal

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After your grandfather wakes you up leave your room and turn right. Enter through the glass door that leads outside.

Now turn left and keep going until you reach the door that leads to your parents's room. Equip your telekinesis ability and use it on the electric panel right beside the door.

The electricity will shut off. Open the door and wait for your mother to pass by, when she does, enter the room and follow her down the stairs.

Once you get to the stairs you'll see that everyone in the house is awake. Luckily they're heading towards the opposite direction. Follow them then enter through the first door on the left side, the one that leads into the lobby.

When you get to the lobby climb down the stairs and go to the door on the left side of it. Open the door but be cautious cause the mechanic is patrolling the area. Follow him to the next room.

Make sure that he has his back turned on you as you follow him into the garage, then quickly enter through the door on the right side. Now make your way down into the wine cellar.

Go through the secret passage again and you'll find Fabius inside the secret room.

Fabius will ask you to prepare the ritual table. Go to the left side of the room and take the first bowl on the left side of the shelf. Take the bowl to the left hand side of the ritual table and place it there.

Now take the second bowl on the left side of the shelf and place it on the left foot side of the ritual table.

Take the last bowl on the top shelf and place it on the right hand side of the table.

Now take the last bowl and approach the empty spot on the table. You'll fail to place it. Holster the bowl and you'll receive information about the bowl.

You need to find your glue. So head back up to the garage and open the door that leads to the laundry room. From there make your way back to the lobby.

Now climb up the stairs and go to the door on the left side. Open the door and take a peak at whether there are people there or not.

If you're safe to go head out the door and turn left. Make your way up the stairs and through the door.

After going through the door turn right and enter the only door on that area to get to your grandfather's study. Now head out the door on the opposite side of the one you just came in through.

Now enter the door right in front of you and head over to the small desk. Open it and you'll find your glue inside.

Now open your inventory and combine the glue and the broken plate to fix it.

Now go back to Fabius in the secret room and place the last bowl in place.

Open your inventory again and take out the matches. Start lighting the candles around the ritual table until you've lit all of them.

On the wall beside the shelf with the bowls you'll find some belts that you can use to restrain the guy on the table. Grab it then use it on the guy.

Fabius will then go over to the man on the table. Enter the small room that he was in and open the small box on the right side of the table.

Take the dagger and approach Fabius. Then interact with him while the blade is in your hands.