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Lucius Walkthrough Overdose of Fumes

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After waking up head through your parents's room and down the long corridor.

Enter the lobby and head for the laundry room. Enter the door near the washer and you'll find Will and Michael chatting near the car.

Go beside Will and you'll see a small handkerchief on top of the table to his left side. Take the handkerchief, don't worry you won't get in trouble even if they see you.

Now head over to Micheal's side and you'll see a paint thinner on top of the table. Interact with it and you'll receive a new entry in your notebook as well as a message saying you can't take the thinner right now.

Leave the garage and go back to the laundry room. Just like with Susan's chapter, use telekinesis on the iron and drop it inside the washer, then close the washer. Will should come and fix it again.

Wait for Will to leave the garage, then take the thinner from the table and combine the thinner and the handkerchief you took earlier.

Equip the handkerchief and a marker will appear on top of the table.

Place the handkerchief on the table and use mind control on Michael and make him interact with the handkerchief. He'll sniff it and faint.

Once Michael has fainted head back to the laundry room and use mind control on Will. Make him interact with the control panel for the air-con.

Go back to the garage and use telekinesis on the car. Michael will then suffocate on the fumes and die.