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Mad Father Walkthrough The First Basement Floor

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"Head into the Taxidermy Room.

Get the Bucket.

Check these shevles.

Walk away and come back to get the shining item.

Leave the room and head up into the next room, the Laboratory.

After the cutscene, check Maria twice.

With the Room Key, leave the Laboratory.

Follow the ghost out to the Entrance Hall.

Go upstairs.

Head into the Archives and to the door in the upper left.

Check this book shelve

Head back to the Laboratory.

Open the door in the top left of the Laboratory.

After the cutscene, remember to go back and get the Gem in the Cultivation Room.

Check the head with blue hair.

Start to leave the room until you hear a squish sound.

Go back to the entrance of the room and walk near the fallen over body, it will get up.

Stand behind the head to lead the body over to it.

Once the two are reunited, the man will leave a gem.

Go to the Room on the right.

In the bottom right cornor of the room there is a ladder, take it.

Push this pot. (Press Z)

Pushing the pot show a gem in a hole in the floor.

Head back into the Passage way and go left. You will find a Hidden Passage, follow it.

This Hidden Passage will take you back up to the 1F East Hall.

Head back up stairs. Go down the East Hall.

Continue down the East Hall

Enter the Attic on the upper right of the East Hall.

Place the Ladder item in the missing space.

Check the glowing box for a Gem.

Push the pot off the legde by pressing Z.

Climb down and get the item in the pot.

How head back to the 2F Passage, use the Hidden Passage in the 1F East Hall to save time.

Head back to the Open Room and use the Mini Chainsaw on the barrels blocking the door.

Chainsaw the middle barrels in the Passage to...

Find a Gem!

Continue along the way till you find this girl. Walk up to the door.

After talking with her, go through the door behind you.

This will lead you through the Storehouse from before.

Head up to the Kitchen.

Head to the 1F West Hall and into the Reception Room.

Go out into the Courtyard by going through the hole in the wall in the Reception Room. Use the Wood Bucket on the pond.

Use the water to put out the fire place.

Go into the fire place.

Remove the fire wood.

Check the hole. Use the Eyeballs Bottle on the hole.

Head back to the girl's cell, using the shortcut through the Storehouse to save time.

Once the girl thanks you she will leave a Gem.

Flip the Switch in the cell. This will open the double doors.

Start walking down the stairs...

but you find that the stairs loop.

Keep walking down until you notice a woman hiding behind the blue barrels.

Talk to the woman.

She will begin to follow you, take her to Corridor left of the Hall.

Once outside continue down the corridor till the woman disapears.

Once the women is gone, head back to the stairs and down to B2F.