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Mad Father Walkthrough The Thrid Basement Floor.

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Head down the hall.

As you can see there are rats and your health bar, the rats will kill you if you stay in the room to long. Run for the key in the hall and run back out.

Use the key on the door.

Cut the barrels to get to the side of the shelve and push it.

Chainsaw the tear in the wall.

Grap the item behind the passage in the hole in the wall.

Use Mom's Perfume on yourself.

With Mom's Perfume on, you can go down the rat infested hallway with getting killed.

Go though this door.

As you enter the end of the hall in this room, a monster will attack you. Make sure this door is open and run inside when the monster comes.

After the monster traps you in the cell, get in the bed.

Once, on the bed keep holding left until the bed moves.

Go into the tunnel.

Push the pot.

Now you must trap the monster in this room. First, open the door and run back into the tunnel.

Pull the pot by pressing z and going left.

Now the the monster is traped in the tunnel, run out of your cell and run into his cell door to close it on him. Once he is traped, head into the room in the right end of the hall.

When you try to open the door, you are knocked back

After you get knocked back by the door, pick up the doll.

With the doll in hand, leave the jail cells.

Follow the footprints down the hall and to the left.

Continue following the game's path.

You will find an other stealth area. This one has a gem in it to.

You can hide up here from the first doll.

You can hide behind this rock from the second doll, wait for it to come.

Follow behind it, hidding in the tunnel and wait for when the doll faces the rock.

Make sure to check an skeleton in this area to get a bone.

Hide in the hole in the wall to get past the third doll.

Down the left of the hidding hole, there is a gem. Grap it when the doll is gone.

The last doll will rotate in a circle.

You can hide here from the last doll.

Once you are done with the stealth area, head into this room.

Check the dead girl and take the knife.

Check the door to find out it is locked. (Yes, you have to do this)

Head out of the room to the incinerator and go to the right.

Check the item in the bloody sack.

Continue down the hall.

Now we must take out this monster with the lights above. Climb the ladder when the monster is not looking.

Check the plank.

Check the sandbags.

Now chainsaw the lights when the monster is under it.

After you have killed the monster, head into the first door.

Head down the hall to right in the new room.

Chainsaw the barrel in the way.

Now you must play a puzzle game with the picture, here are where the parts goes.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

Put this part here.

After you solve the puzzle you can head into the room. Get the gem in the pot.

When you check the pot with the leaves, DON'T uproot it! Instead, chose quit.

Take the pot instead.

Once you have the pot, head out of the room.

Grap the item in the alcove in the dead end.

Use the hammer on the cracked pot back in the cultivation room.

Check the pot after you break it.

Go back to the dead end and use the mandrake pot on the spot where Aya is.

After the dog dies, use the Scalpel on it and get the key.

Head back to the incinerator.

Open the Incinerator doors.

Drop the Creepy Doll into the fire.

With the doll destored, head back to the hall you got it from.

Now that the Creepy Doll is dead, the other dolls are dead.

You can push this blue barrel to get out quicker.

Before you head into the Creepy Doll's hall go left back to the room you woke up in.

This one, in case you forgot.

Give the dog the bone from the stealth area.

Pick up the gem it drops. Congrats! You have gotten all the gem, now to head to the last room and beat the game.

Head back into the cells and down the hall to the room you found the Creepy Doll in.

Head throught the door and enter the last room of the mansion.

If you missed any gems you can talk to this man, and he will take you back from here to your room, and vice versa.

Once ready, head into the portal for the ending.

*SPOLIERS* There are two endings to Mad Father, save the fahter or let him go. Gameplay wise, both endings are on the same path, so if you don't have to worry about getting lost no matter what ending you get (It's a straight path anyway). The ending in which you let him go is the game's bad ending and the saving him is the good. I will show the gameplay from the good ending.

After the info bomb of a cutscene, save at the crow.

Now it's time for the classic horror movie chainsaw chase scene.

Start the spaming z on the door.

After awhile the father will brust though.

You will get a prompt to spam z. If you do this fast enough you will open the door.

Run down the hall.

Now for the tricky part. See the switch in the upper left of the shot, you have to use it to get out of this room.

The way to get past the father is to stay away from him until you hear him startup the chainsaw. When he does, he will stand still then you can run past him and hit the switch. Do the same to get back to the door.

Go to the door.

After you learn it is closed, check the bed without a corpse.

After the cutscene, check on Maria.

Look through the shelves on the right.

Use the bandage on Maria.

Leave the room with Maria in tow.

Take Maria out of the room and down the right of the hall.

After you leave Maria behind, this is the last room you have control in. Leave this room to see the final cutscene.

Congrats! You have beaten Mad Father! Stick around after the credits to get you special ending for all the gems.

That's Mad Father. Now there is some more bonuses for getting all the gems.

Now the Main Menu will have Aya on it. Also the Gallery option will be available

In the Gallery you can see Charater Bios, listen to the game music and look at the Event CG.

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