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Mad Father Walkthrough The Second Basement Floor

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Head up the hallway and chainsaw the top of the three barrels to find a gem.

Continue up the hallway to find an old man pointing to the left.

Walk into the wall from here to find a hidden passage.

Chainsaw the wooden box to find the forceps

Head into the room north.

Cut down the monster.

The monster will smash the lab tubes, take the gem inside.

Head back to the entrance of the passage and go to the door to the east.

Use the forceps on the toilet.

Use the forceps in the water bucket.

Head back to the old man and enter the door on the left.

Head into the hole in the wall.

You must stay out to the dolls line of sight, as being caught is an instant death. You can hide behind rocks to avoid line of sight.

Make sure to get the gem on you way in (lost picture :/)

Stand behind one of the dolls to get by.

Once you are out, grap the key on the bed.

Head back into the tunnel.

Once you get the key, all the doll will be dead so do not worry about backtracking.

Use the jail key on the prison door.

Take the gem left by the prisoner.

Head out of the jail.

Head into the door that just closed.

Use the chainsaw to cut down some meat and cook it. Then head down the hall way.

After the cutscene head back into the cafeteria.

You will see a yound boy, head into the kitchen area.

Take the cooked meat from the stove.

Give it the the boy.

Head out into the next room. After the event happens head back in.

The goal of this room is to make every match on both sides.

Double check these flowers to get a bouquet.

Head out of the room and push the king into the other room (Press z facing the way you want him to go).

Place the king here.

Chainsaw his head.

Turn the paining.

Take the spear from the knight on the right. (Double check)

Give it to the armor.

Push the armor.

Put the bouquet in the empty flower pot.

Once this is all done head to the double doors outside both rooms.

Push the baby to the mother. (Press z facing the mom)

Take the animals and put them in the drawer. Push the mother out of the room. (Press z facing the direction you want her to go)

Take the knife on the counter.

Give it the the boy.

Use the napkin on the mother.

Chainsaw the young girl.

After that puzzle you have finished the 2nd basement floor head down the stairs to the 3rd and final basement floor.