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Mad Father Walkthrough The Top Floors

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Check the painting

Check the doll

Check the middle bookshelve

Pick up the glowing object

Check the rabbit

After all four things have been checked, go to bed.

After the cutscene, leave the room.

Crows are save points, use them when ever you can. There are lots of insta-death lurking around.

Go back to Aya's room.

Take the pet rabbit.

Head back into the hall way and walk into the other room.

After being scared off, walk back into the room.

Pick up the shining item

Head back into the hallway and continue to the left.

Stand at this point, and walk into the wall.

Pick up the glowing item.

Walk up the hallway into the room on the right.

Pick up the glowing item.

Check the curtains.

Go back into the hallway and go into the first door.

Check this bookshelve

Check this bookshelve

After checking the 2nd bookshelve, leave the room and come back.

Pick up the shining item (Aready picked it up before taking pic, oops.)

Go back to the bedroom.

Place the Pendant on the bloodspot.

Pick up the shining item

How let's actually progress in the story, check the code memo.

This is the password to a safe in the bedroom.

First, go into this room. (Avoid the monsters)

7 barrels

4 chandeliers, and a gem.(Again, avoid the monsters.)

Head back into the doll room and count the red dolls, including the two behind the curtains. In total, 8.

"Head back to the Entrace Hall and enter the door on the left.

Go through the first door.

Push the seat. (Press Z facing the direction you want it to go.)

Push in to the drawer.

Stand on top of it by pressing Z.

Open the drawer.

Now we have the last number of the code, 2 paintings.

Investigate the painting.

Before heading back into the Reception Room, go the room on the left.

Use the cutting knife on the box.

Take the shining item

Now head back to the Reception Room.

Move the painting.

Head into the tunnel.

Take the shining item in the well.

Head back into the bedroom in 2F East Hall.

Use the code 7482 on the safe.

Open the big double doors in the Entrace Hall.

Check the blug in the curtain.

Walk away from the corpse to trigger the gem.

Head into the kitchen on the right.

Lift the carpet.

Open the trap door (Stand on the handle and press Z.)

Use Snowball on the crack in the wall.

Pick up the shining item.

Open the stove.

Open the cupboard.

Pick up the glowing item.

Head back into the Entrance Hall and go the left door.

Head to this door, but before you do...

Use the Lighter Oil.

Use the oil and lighter on the monster.