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Mass Effect Walkthrough Side Quest Citadel After Council Meeting

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1. Scan The Keepers After the meeting with the council, on the way out the party will run in to a Salarian named Chorban doing something to a keeper. Talk to him. Tell him Shepard will do it.

After conversation Shepard needs to go around the Citadel scanning keepers. There are 21 in total. Just go to the locations in the pictures.

The 1st keeper.

The 2nd keeper.

The 3rd keeper.

The 4th keeper.

The 5th keeper.

The 6th keeper.

The 7th keeper.

The 8th keeper.

The 9th keeper.

The 10th keeper.

The 11th keeper.

The 12th keeper.

The 13th keeper.

The 14th keeper.

The 15th keeper.

The 16th keeper.

The 17th keeper

The 18th keeper.

The 19th keeper.

The 20th keeper.

The 21st keeper. Done.

2. The Fan Talk to Conrad Verner in the upper Wards market. He wants an autograph.

When Shepard finishes Feros go to Citadel. Talk to Conrad Verner again.

When Shepard finishes Noveria go to Citadel. Talk to Conrad Verner once more.


3. Jahleed's Fears Talk to Jahleed in the C-Sec Academy.

He wants Shepard to talk to his partner Chorban. Hey wait isn't that the guy Shepard is scanning keepers for. Chorban is in the lower Wards Market. Talk to him.

Chorban will tell Shepard Jahleed stole their initial data and he wanted it back. He'll ask Shepard to talk to Jahleed. Head back to C-Sec. Talk to Jahleed.

He'll leave to look at the data. Done.

4. Reporter's Request In the upper ward talk to Emily Wong. She wants Shepard to find evidence of corruption on Citadel.

After Shepard fights Fist, he will find the OSD on the ground. After saving Tali head back to Emily Wong. Give her the OSD.


5. Rita's Sister Talk to Rita in Flux.

She'll ask Shepard to talk to her sister Jenna in Chora's Den. Head to Chora's Den. Talk to Jenna.

On the way out Chellick will bump into Shepard.

Head to C-Sec Academy. Talk to Chellick.

He asks Shepard to buy some illegal mods. Head to Lower Market. Talk to Jax.

Buy the mods from him. Head to C-Sec Academy. Talk to Chellick.


6. Signal Tracking In the casino of Flux's, there is a Suspicious Gambling Machine. Use it. Now go to Flux and the Ward Access tunnel. In the room with all the people, in the back left corner is a signal source. Use it. Next go to the Bank. On the back wall next the computers is another signal source. Use it. Next go to the Emporium. Head up the stairs in the back. At top turn right. Against wall is last relay. Use it. This turns out to be an AI, which self destructs. Pressing Y, X, Y, A, X, A, A will make Shepard avoid the blast. Done.

7. Schells The Gambler After the cut scene, talk to Schells.

He'll ask Shepard to play Quasar while using his device. A. Paragon - Talk to Doran in Flux.

Give him Schells' tool. Head back to Schells. Talk to him.

Done. B. Renegade - Win five games of Quasar. Head back to Schells. Talk to him.


8. Presidium Prophet Near the Citadel Towers Shepard will find a Preaching Hanar. Talk to him.

When done talk to C-Sec Officer next to him.

Now there are 3 ways to solve this. 2 require high Charm/Intimidate. The other is to buy the permit for the hanar. Done.