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Mass Effect Walkthrough Side Quest Feros

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1. Espionage Probe Go to Voyager Cluster. Amazon System. Planet Agebinium. The probe is north west of the landing zone. When Shepard gets to the location there is a mine entrance. Enter it. Follow the hallways to the end. Conversation will begin. After conversation diasable probe hardpoints. There are 3. Follow hallways back up. Go down the now open hallway. Exit to surface. The mako isn't far from here. On the way Haliat will attack with several pirates. Done.

2. Data Recovery Talk to Gavin Hossle. He asks Shepard to retrieve some data.

In the ExoGeni building where the force field blocks the door, Turn to the right and go up the stairs. To the left and at the end of the hall is the console. It's guarded by three Krogans.

Talk to Gavin Hossle.


3. Investigate Samples Go to Maroon Sea Cluster. Matano System. Planet Chasca. The Science Facility is south west of landing zone. The base is guarded by three husks. Enter the facility. Search the facility. kill all husks. Investigate terminal in back room. Done.

4. Investigate Facility Go to Maroon Sea Cluster. Vostok System. Planet Nodacrux. The Science Facility is south east of landing zone. The facility is guarded by Thorian Creepers. Enter the base. Kill all creepers. Talk to Scientist in backroom. Done.