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Mass Effect Walkthrough Side Quest Citadel After Shepards a Spectre

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Assignments 3 and 4 are random. While riding an elevator in Citadel a news feed will be played. After the feed the assignment will show up in journal. 1. Missing Marines Talk to Rear Admiral Kahoku in Citadel Tower.

Go to Artemis Tau cluster, and then the Sparta System. Then go to the planet Edolus. Once you are on the surface. Head north. Shepard will come across a Mako. Thresher Maw attacks. Kill it. After the battle investigate the marine body. Return to Normandy. Head to Citadel. Head to Citadel Towers. Talk to Admimral Kahoku.


2. Hostile Takeover In C-Sec Academy there is a hackable computer. Hack the computer. The assignment will be given. Go to the financial district. Talk to Helena Blake. She is in front of the emporium.

A. Go to Gemini Sigma cluster, and then Han system. Then go to the Planet Mavigon. The Syndicate Hideout is south east of landing zone. When Shepard gets to hideout itís protected with Alliance Heavy Turrets. Kill them then enter the Hideout. Follow hallway to door. Open the door. Cross room to next door. Open it. Follow hallway. Open the door. Several Mercenaries are in here. The Crime Boss is in the back. Kill them all B. Go to Hades Gamma cluster, then the Dis System. Then go to the Planet Klensal. The Syndicate Hideout is south west of landing location. Go out there. Outside will be some Mercenaries. Kill them. Enter the Hideout. Follow the hallways. At the bottom Mercenaries will attack. At the back of the pack is the Crime Boss. Kill them all. C. Go to Horse Head Nebula cluster, and then the Fortuna system. Then go to the Planet Amaranthine. The Engineering Outpost is south of the landing zone. At the Engineering Outpost enter it. Go to the door. Open the door. Helena Blake will talk. Done.

3. Hostage Go to Hades Gamma cluster, and then the Farinata system. Then go to the MSV Ontario. Open the door. Go straight to next door. Open it. Turn right. Go to next door. Open it. There are several Biotics in this room. Once they see Shepard he has three minutes to kill them. After they're dead get to next door. Open it. Go to intersection. Turn left. Open the door. Leader starts talking. If charm/intimidate is high enough can use those talk options. Otherwise it's time to kick some biotic butt. The hostage can be killed in this fight. Done.

4. Missing Survey Team Go to the Hades Gama Cluster. Antaeus System. Planet Trebin. On the surface Shepard needs to head north east. When Shepard finds the researchers camp, bail out and search the buildings. In one will be a console saying they unearthed technology. Head north from camp. Enter mines entrance. Follow paths and open doors. At big room it's full of husks. Kill them. Further in are two more doors. Open them. More husks attack. When they're all dead assignment is over. Done.