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Mass Effect Walkthrough Side Quest Noveria

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1. Smuggling Talk to Merchant Opold.

Go back to Normandy. Outside will be package. Get it. Return to Opold.


2. Doctor At Risk Hack Terminal in Hotel. Then go to the Kepler Verge Cluster. Newton System. The planet Ontarom. The underground facility is to the south east of the landing zone. Enter the facility. In the second room is several mercenaries. Kill the mercenaries. Go through the door in the back to a hallway. Open the door at the end of the hallway. Turn right and walk up to the last door. When you open this door a conversation with Toombs and Dr. Wayne begins. Done

3. Espionage Talk to Mallene Calis.

Talk to Rafeal Vargas.

Talk to Mallene Calis.