Mass Effect Walkthrough Side Quest Other

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This Mass Effect walkthrough is divided into 30 total pages.

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Side Quest Other

  1. Cerberus

Note about this assignment, in each room where you fight cerberus troops. There will be a section inclosed in a force field. Do not use the security consoles until you kill every thing else in the room. There are more creatures inside the force fields. Some of these creatures can be quite nasty.

Go to Voyager Cluster. Then Yangtze System. Planet Binthu. There are three Research Facilities here. One north, one east, and one south. Head to the south one. Guarded by two heavy turrets. Enter the facility. Search the facility. Kill everything. head to the east facility. This one is guarded by two heavy turrets. Enter the facility. Search the facility. Kill everything. Head to the north facility. Guarded by two heavy turrets. Enter the facility. Sweep the facility. Kill everything. After the fight search body in center of room. Done.

  1. Geth Incursions

A. Go to Armstrong Nebula. Vamshi System. Planet Maji. The Geth Outpost is north of the landing zone. As Shepard gets closer Geth Heavy Turrets attack. At the base itself are Rocket Troopers. And a Colossus. Kill them all.

B. Go to Armstrong Nebula Cluster. Hong system. Planet Casbin. The Geth Outpost is north east of landing zone. At the Outpost will be Geth Rocket Troopers and Snipers. After they're dead a Geth dropship comes in. Destroy the Dropship and any troops it drops.

C. Go to Armstrong Nebula Cluster. Tereshkova System. Planet Antibaar. The Geth Outpost is north east of landing zone. There will be Geth Rocket Troopers, Snipers, and a Colossus guarding the base. Kill them. When Shepard kills them a Dropship drops of several Geth. Including two Primes.

D. Go to Armstrong Nebula Cluster. Gagarin System. Planet Rayingri. The Overrun Reasearch Facility is to the south. Enter the Facility when Shepard gets there. Sweep the facility. Kill any Geth. After all Geth done leave facility. When Shepard exits the facility a Geth dropship is leaving Shepard some Geth to kill. Kill them.

E. Go to Armstrong Nebula Cluster. Grissom System. Moon Solcrum. The Geth base is east of the landing zone. Its guarded by 2 Colossus and 3 Rocket Troopers. Kill them. Enter base. Search the base killing all Geth. Done.

  1. Derelict Freighter

Go to Maroon Sea Cluster. Caspian System. Board the MSV Cornucopia. Open the door. Go through room to next door. Open this door. Follow hallway to the right. Open the door. This room is crawling with husks. There is something like 10-20 husks in the room. When the husks are dead, continue to the front of the ship. There is a log telling the fate of the crew. Done.

  1. Hades' Dogs

Go to Voyager cluster. Columbia System. Planet Nepheron. The facility is to the south west. The facility is guard by some Cerberus Soldiers. Kill them. Enter Facility. Search the facility. Use terminal in backroom. Done.

  1. Rogue VI

Go to Local cluster. Sol System. Moon Luna. The Alliance Training Ground is west-south west from landing zone. The base is guarded by six Alliance Heavy Turrets. Kill them. Enter the one of the bases. Search the base. Kill any drones. Shoot the conduits in the back rooms. Do the same for the other two bases. Done.

  1. Lost Module

Go to Attican Beta Cluster. Hercules System. Planet Eletania. The downed probe is north east of landing zone. When Shepard gets to the downed recon probe, seems a monkey took the module. Time to hunt down the monky. There are colonies to the south, north east, north, and north west. Shepard could search all the colonies. Or just head to the colony north of the probe. Enter the mine there. Search the monkies in here. After Shepard finds it. Head back out. Geth will show up itching for a fight. Kill them. Done.

  1. Lost Freighter

Go to Gemini Sigma Cluster. Ming System. The MSV Worthington. Go forward to the hall. Turn right and enter the big room. Becareful in here. The containment systems will explode if you get too close. Past the big room are three rooms with logs to hear. Once you hear the logs Julia shows up. Kill Julia and the assignment is done.

  1. Depot Sigma-23

Argus Rho Cluster. Gorgon System. Board unidentified freighter. Just follow the hallway to the big room. To the left of the door is a Rachni soldier, in the rest of the room is like four Rachni workers. Kill the Rachni. After the big room, there are three smaller rooms off a hallway. There are log computers in each room. After the third computer, arm the scram charge. You will have 1:10 before the station is destroyed. On the way back to the exit, the big room will have respawned. Kill the Rachni that get in your way as you run through the room. When you get back to the airlock, use it to leave the station. Done.

  1. Listening Post Alpha

Go to Styx Theta Cluster. Erebus System. Planet Nepmos. The listening post is south east of the landing zone. When you get to the listening post it is under attack by Rachni. There is a generator in the north west corner. You can hook the Mako to the generator. It will power the defense turrets. This will help fend off the Rachni attacks to come. Talk to Lieutant Durand. She is on the south side of the listening post. After the conversation, fend off the Rachni. There will be two waves of Rachni. After the fights talk to Lt. Durand again. She will mention another listening post. Another marine will mention a hollow space underground where the Rachni are coming from. It is a mine to the west of the listening post. Sweep through the mine, killing the Rachni. In the back two rooms, there will be a brood warrior in each. After all the Rachni are dead the assignment is done.

  1. Listening Post Theta

Go to Styx Theta Cluster. Acheron System. Planet Altahe. The listening post is south - south west from the landing zone. Enter the base. In the second room, several Rachni workers and a Rachni soldier attack. In the back room on the right, use the terminal. It will tell Shepard about Depot Sigma-23. Done.

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This Mass Effect walkthrough is divided into 30 total pages.

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